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Body Therapy

Phyto-Marine: 80 Minutes
A body contouring and slimming treatment which encompasses total body exfoliation. Sea salts and essential oils prepare the skin for the application of mud or seaweed. This treatment relaxes, tones, slims, reduces stress, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, cellulite, swollen legs and feet, re-mineralizes, and firms for a trimmer looking silhouette.
Price: $165
Organic Sea Salt Body Scrub: 40 Minutes
This “super smoothing” non-abrasive body treatment polishes and nourishes the skin by stripping away dry, rough cells to reveal a uniform, silky-smooth skin ready for healthy tanning. Your specialized treatment includes a warm, aromatic foot pressure compress, customized exfoliation according to skin type and sensitivity and a nourishing botanical massage.
Price: $100
Ear Candling: 45 Minutes
Egyptian ear candles are used to alleviate blocked ears. help remove wax buildup, relieve sinus pressure and improve ear, nose and throat health.
Price: $80
Optional Enhancements
Get the most out of your treatments by adding one of our 10 minute optional enhancements to any massage or facial treatments.
Happy Feet (deluxe foot massage with hot compresses)
Heavenly Hands (deluxe hand massage with hot compresses)
Head Rush (deluxe scalp massage with aromatherapy oils)
Bright Eyes (eye treatment to target dark circles, puffiness and tired eyes)
* all prices are in Cayman Island dollars